The composition of YEBOAH® is drawn upon Pan-Africanism and citified subcultures that have molded the life story of creative director Reece Yeboah.
YEBOAH® is a social impact street-luxe brand. Quality is priority along with consumer satisfaction and consumer education. Specialising in the production of exceptional garments our collections represent the transformation of mental breakdowns into a positive form of creative innovations.
In addition to the brands remarkable storytelling; as the brand expands in growth, not only will the craftsmanship speak for itself but YEBOAH® will be perceived as the blueprint for the next generation of designers worldwide.


The authenticity of the brand’s story, concepts, and vision forms redefined street-luxe garments, dedicated to design and detail. YEBOAH®’s signature wardrobe blends casual staples with relaxed yet elevated tailoring, adding a sophisticated sensibility.
We will continue researching new technologies, innovative and sustainable materials, and sustainable ways of working while creating inspirational designs. Our goal is to positively make a mark on the world by reducing our impact on the planet, helping our communities, and encouraging a positive mindset in the next generation.
Taking into account sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly materials and fusing multi functional use in our products so that consumers get more out of YEBOAH® products.


The stardom concept is one that Reece thought of whilst researching the true meaning of "stars", particularly the black star involved in the Ghanaian flag.
The three stars represent the three children Reece's mother gave birth to including the struggle, trials and tribulations each one of his siblings went through including him.
A simple reminder of understanding no matter what circumstance life presents to you, there is always an opportunity to shine bright like a star, all it takes is trust, patience, determination and perseverance.
Red, yellow, green and black are colours which represent the Ghanaian flag; paying homage to its meaningful sense. These colours will be rotated throughout the collections of the YEBOAH® brand.